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Wrongful Death


The death of a loved one is an emotional and painful experience. Coming to terms with such loss is even more difficult when the death is unexpected and could have been prevented.

Wrongful death occurs when a person is killed due to negligence, product liability or malice. Negligence can include medical malpractice (when a patient suffers from a healthcare provider’s carelessness) and accidents (car or workplace). Manufacturers of hazardous products can be held liable for related injuries, as can executers of violence that causes death.

If you are in mourning, insurance claims are the last thing you want to address. Often, family members do not immediately understand the effect that a wrongful death can have on their lives, so contacting a qualified lawyer is highly recommended. While money will never replace the loss of a loved one, a settlement can help you feel financially stable, bringing closure and peace of mind.

It is the only way our legal system can recognize the value of the deceased person’s life and compensate for his or her death.

Surviving family members (spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents) can often sue for medical and burial costs. The estimated amount of wages that the deceased would have earned if he or she was still living should also be taken into account. Family members can also be reimbursed for pain and suffering, lost inheritance, household and childcare services, mental anguish and loss of companionship.

Certain time limits govern when you must launch your claim for compensation and can restrict your rights to recover losses. Contact Linett & Timmis for a free consultation now.

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